Our core areas of expertise include

Corporate Company Structuring and Free Zone Incorporation Assistance

Our Corporate Company Structuring and Free Zone Incorporation Assistance services are designed to streamline the process of establishing your business in Dubai. We provide expert guidance on the most suitable corporate structures and assist with the seamless incorporation of your company within Dubai’s prestigious free zones. Our goal is to ensure your business benefits from strategic structuring while enjoying the advantages of a free zone location, all with maximum efficiency.

Corporate Consultancy Services for Fintech and Assistance for Regulatory License and Compliance

Our Corporate Consultancy Services for Fintech extend specialized guidance to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape of the financial technology sector in Dubai. We provide comprehensive assistance for Regulatory License and Compliance, ensuring your Fintech venture adheres to all necessary regulations and licensing requirements. Trust us to help you establish and maintain compliance while focusing on the innovation and growth of your Fintech business.

Transfer Pricing Services

Our Transfer Pricing Services are dedicated to multinational corporations seeking optimized intercompany pricing structures. We leverage our expertise to ensure your business complies with international tax regulations while maximizing profitability. With our tailored approach, you can confidently navigate the complexities of transfer pricing and make informed decisions that benefit your organization’s financial strategies.

  • Evaluating your current transfer pricing policies and identifying any potential risks or inefficiencies;
  • Conducting comparability and economic analyses to support arm's length pricing for intercompany transactions involving tangible goods, services, loans, licenses and more;
  • Selecting and implementing the most appropriate transfer pricing method (CUP, resale price, cost plus, TNMM, profit split, etc.);
  • Preparing robust transfer pricing documentation under OECD guidelines to substantiate your intercompany pricing;
  • Conducting periodic reviews of your transfer pricing policies and recommending updates to reflect changes in your business and tax regulations Providing transfer pricing litigation support and expert witness services as needed;
  • Our transfer pricing specialists have accounting, economic and legal backgrounds that provide in-depth understanding of transfer pricing issues. We are adept at dealing with intercompany transactions globally, across multiple industries.

Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Our Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Services ensures your business adheres to stringent AML regulations. We provide comprehensive solutions to establish and maintain robust AML compliance programs. With our expertise, you can safeguard your operations, mitigate risk, and uphold the highest standards of financial integrity.

As an independent MLRO, we can serve as your nominated officer, responsible for oversight of compliance with AML regulations. Our services include:

  • Developing and implementing internal AML policies, controls and procedures tailored to your business.
  • Conducting regular AML risk assessments to identify potential areas of vulnerability.
  • Providing comprehensive AML training to your staff on customer due diligence, reporting suspicious activity, record keeping and other requirements.
  • Performing client identification and verification checks at onboarding and monitoring transactions for unusual activity.
  • Investigating and evaluating any suspicious transactions or activities to determine if filing a SAR (suspicious activity report) is necessary.
  • Submitting SARs per regulatory guidelines and serving as the key contact for law enforcement agencies.
  • Conducting periodic AML audits and reviews to inspect compliance levels and highlight any needed improvements.
  • Advising your board and senior management on AML compliance governance and keeping them updated on the latest regulations.